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The true cost of owning a car goes beyond the sticker price. Maintenance, for example, is an expense that can add up quite a bit over time. However, your mileage will vary depending on the car.

At the top of our list of the most expensive luxury vehicles to repair are the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz G Class, both with five-year estimated repair costs of $1,640. Rounding out the luxury vehicles in the top five are the Jaguar XK,at $1,629; Land Rover Range Rover, at $1,600; and Mercedes-Benz CL Class, at $1,540.

Befriend a good service adviser and have them give you advice on when to get items like your timing belt inspected so it doesn't break your car, aka preventative maintenance. As far as costs go, like it's been said, Audi parts will cost more as a plain matter of fact. They do share a lot of parts, but Audi has the right to charge a premium.

Maintenance costs shoudn't be too bad. But it depends on the condition of the car. With 100k mi you should look for one that's had its timing belt and water pump replaced. (usually something done at the 65k mi mark). Parts for audi are pretty inexpensive as most of them are VW parts and vice versa. Usually it's labor costs at a garage that'll

Audi Care is available for purchased or leased 2008 model year or newer Audi vehicles and 2008 model year or newer Certified pre-owned Audi vehicles that have been purchased or leased at an authorized Audi Dealer in the U.S. Audi Care covers all-manufacturerd-required scheduled maintenance services at every 10,000 miles, from 15,000 through

As far as maintenance goes, it's all about $$$$. If you can afford to do all the scheduled and recommended maintenance on time then the Audi A4 will be every bit as reliable as almost any other car but it's going to cost you. r/Audi will be able to give you more detailed answer about the various maintenance recommended and what it costs.