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After a car accident, seek out estimates for repairing vehicle damage -- or any other kind of property damage-- only from places where you would actually go to have the repair work done. Make sure that the repair shop is qualified and thorough enough to find and assess all the damage.

Whether the work was needed or not… he has to give you a estimate for the repairs and you have to give him the authorization to proceed. If he went ahead with repairs without your approval you don't have to pay for the repairs. None of my techs were allowed to proceed with any repairs until the customer had given us the go ahead.

Tell us what you're looking for or what needs fixing on your car and we'll find the best garages nearby and give you the best price for the job. Receive Your Quotes Sit back and watch the quotes for your job start rolling in.

Know the true car repair cost by vehicle, job, and location. Our auto repair estimate tool shows you parts and labor quotes from service shops near you.

Refusal to Pay for Auto Repairs If, for whatever reason, you decide you do not want to pay for the services provided by a car repair shop, the shop may be legally entitled to keep your car. The owner of the shop would obtain a mechanic's lien, provided he or she is in compliance with any applicable laws requiring estimates. A lien is a legal

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